Every wednesday, i have a date with my little Yogis !

Such a great time we spend all together having discussions on different topics, focussing on breathing, doing some funny yoga poses, relaxing, playing ….but also talking about attitudes toward the World & toward Self !

Yesterday we spoke about the ethical aspect of Yoga called Aparigraha which could be translated as Gratitude or Greedlessness.

As a mother, i have been thinking a lot about how to instill this value of Gratitude to my kids & how to develop this value as a daily practice.

Aparigraha teaches us how to be grateful for opportunities, experiences, and possessions we have.

Through modeling Gratitude in kids’ thoughts, words, and actions, we will raise them as being grateful global Citizen.

It is never too early to begin teaching your toddler gratitude, non-possessiveness, non-attachement & it is never too late of course !

Aparigraha offers so much Freedom – the freedom to work and do what we love without worying about the outcome, the freedom to rely less on external and material possessions to bring us hapiness, and the freedom to experience everything life has to offer, what ever that may be.

📌How can you cultivate more of this quality in your life, in your kids life ?

📌See what happen when you apply this yama to your life. What happen when you just let go ?