Private & Group Classes

I offer private and group courses of Vinyasa flow.

For any request for private lessons or tailored-made events, corporate or any public, whether you are on the French Riviera or elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact me.

I can move if necessary and adapt to your needs and all levels from beginner to confirmed, casual or regular Yogi.

By taking yoga classes, you will notice that starting from your physical body you will embark on an inner journey that will bring you strength and vitality, positive changes and change the way you approach everyday life.

The rewards of yoga are personal! it is an incredibly valuable and diverse tool.

Come practice, shine and recharge!

Group Classes - click here

Cours collectifs

Le Yoga ne nécessite aucun équipement couteux…juste une tenue décontractée dans laquelle vous vous sentez à l’aise. Tapis, supports (briques, sangles, bolster…) et couvertures sont à votre disposition.
Chaque séance de cours collectifs dure environ 1h15.

In my group yoga classes, all the work is to maintain a physical and mental balance.

We practice postures (Asanas) that tone, relax the body, and lengthen the spine.

We talk about stability and openness (Sthira-Sukha) to “open up to the world”…To be present… But also breathing (Pranayama), becoming aware of his breath and experiencing our feelings.

“The body is at the service of breath” All you have to do is let yourself be guided, let go and reconnect with yourself! The art of attention…

The private course leads to evolution and diversity depending on the mood of the moment, the time of day. It allows you to move at your own pace and see real progress quickly.

It is intended for people who want to deepen their yoga practice and theory, those who present special physical conditions, but also people who do not like group class schedules and/or who do not feel comfortable.

Private classes Solo, Couple or between friends - click here

Cours privés en Solo, en Couple ou en Groupe

Vous préférez rester dans votre bulle de confort, je me déplace chez vous, dans votre résidence de vacances, sur votre bâteau ou votre lieu de travail pour vous faciliter la vie !

Outdoor classes - Click Here

Cours en extérieur

Je vous propose dès que le temps le permet de profiter des paysages et du grand air de la Cote d’Azur.

Come & practice Nature Yoga on the French Riviera!

Yoga is an art of living, a way of thinking with respect for oneself and others.

Come join the useful with the pleasant by practicing feet in the grass, in the sand, facing the sea, in the mountains or in the forest.

So many opportunities to connect to the forces and energies of the natural elements around you!

Regular Yoga practice helps to increase the well-being of everyone. It also improves productivity while creating an environment conducive to the expression of your personal and professional qualities.

You will find, among the many benefits, a better concentration, a beautiful creativity and energy to spare!

In addition, relaxation and letting go allow you to take a step back, better manage your stress and ease your physical tensions.

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Cours En Entreprise

Accessible à tous. Bougez et trouvez une bulle de sérénité au coeur de votre journée de travail !
Je m’adapte à vos besoins et envies, que vouliez des cours réguliers ou un stage personnalisé sur différents thèmes.

Yoga I Wellness I Massage - Offer a gift card! an original and benevolent idea ...

I also practice Relaxing massage, Californian and Swedish.

I offer wellness formulas by combining Yoga and Massage in private class at your home, on your boat or in the studio.

Let yourself be tempted and optimize your well-being!

Well-being / Yoga and/or massage gift card - click here

Bien-être / Massages

Trained in Californian/Swedish massage since 2009 at the Azenday National Professional School (accredited by the FFMBE), I offer Wellness formulas combining yoga and massage during private sessions.

I also offer Gift Card option for all occasions – the pleasure of offering a yoga or massage session or both!

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