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Kid’s Yoga, why?

Yoga is above all an art of living but also the practice of various and varied postures that applies throughout the world and which brings so much good, both physically and psychologically and which is not reserved only for adults…

We agree that yoga reduces stress, helps us breathe better, improves our quality of life and contributes to well-being in all spheres of life (physical, psychological, intellectual and behavioral).

When we think about physical activity for our children, physical or team sports often come first.

However, yoga for children is a very beneficial activity: mainly dynamic, light, varied and playful.

His teaching presents the different Asanas (postures) through animal themes, thus in a language familiar to children.

Stress and anxiety cause many muscle aches and pains and affect both children and adults. The state of relaxation that yoga offers is a beautiful teaching for growing children!

Children can experience their stress in different forms, often due to academic demands, fear of failure, competitiveness, bullying, etc.

Undeniable benefits of yoga in children
Studies from different universities around the world have shown that yoga improves concentration, physical health, self-esteem…
Because children are more flexible and agile than adults, the more they begin practicing yoga at an early age, the greater the benefits in the long run.
In addition to the many physical benefits, such as flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, movement and muscle building, yoga allows the child to:
get to know each other better and become aware of your body in space.
to succeed by channeling one’s energy positively and cultivating one’s sense of belonging
Learn effective breathing techniques that will help them better manage their stress
To experience relaxation, to better manage your emotions, feelings and stress
to accelerate the development of children’s full potential.
Develop energy, concentration, flexibility, balance, well-being and greater self-confidence.
Yoga offers a non-competitive environment for children, i.e. without winning or losing. It’s a great complement to your children’s other activities.

Yoga can be practiced by everyone, and requires little or no equipment.

Yoga for children is a healthy body, stable emotions and a powerful brain for better learning at all levels!

Different Aspects of Yoga:

Through our classes and according to the ages, we will discuss different aspects of the practice of Yoga:

Releasing body tensions (playfully for the youngest) through different adapted postures – Discover animal postures and sun salutations in music
Laughter yoga to develop communication and express emotions freely
Short meditations to promote concentration and develop one’s imagination
Breathing Exercises – We will pay close attention to the benefits of listening to breathing
Be aware of your body and the world around you
Stretching, balance, two-man postures, small massages are all opportunities to share a yoga moment in harmony, and in a good mood.
We will also address “mindfulness,” a moment of sharing to live in the present moment.

Each session will be closed with a time of relaxation, to perfect the physical and mental relaxation.

So many keys and tricks that future (small) yogis can use to face the hassle of everyday life!