I am delighted to be part of the launch of a new weekly course for Team Daniel Contet/ Tennis & Study. 
Courses tailored to their specific needs with an emphasis on flexibility, strength, balance and concentration to improve their athletic and mental performances

What benefits does Yoga have for athletes?

Practicing a sport in a regular and intense way fatigues the body (muscle pain and joint twisting) but also the mind (stress related to competition).

Faced with these restrictive phenomena, athlets are beginning to turn to a well-known technique but not yet much used : YOGA

Today, it is estimated that more than 1 million French people regularly practice yoga.

But what about in the sports world? Excessive training alters the body and fatigues it, inevitably resulting in a decline in performance.

Sport, when practiced regularly over the long term, mainly develops contraction muscles.

The result ?

A decrease in the flexibility of the body but also a loss of mobility.
Thus yoga, practiced in addition to a sports activity has developed as beneficial in several aspects.

First, it soothes back pain and helps to release the various tensions present in the body by relaxing the muscles.

There are many branches of yoga that all have a common goal: to relieve the body.

An athlete must be able to properly articulate all his members.

Flexibility and strength are essential to the joints in order to withstand shocks and stresses during sporting events.


Particularly suitable for athletes, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic form of yoga, allows the athlete to concentrate on the technical aspects of his sports activity.

It tones and strengthens muscles and tendons making supports firmer and safer, energizing movements during the practice of sport.

The various breathing exercises, called pranayama, help to improve the breathing act, making it more efficient and flexible. Good breathing is essential in any sport, whether in the concentration phase, during exercise or after recovery.

A yoga enthusiast, former Bordeaux Girondins player Ludovic Obraniak testified in the team: “I have acquired the basics of relaxation, self-control, energy channeling. I practice yoga solo, as a couple or as a family, about twenty minutes a day. For me, these exercises are important, both physically and mentally. At home, I also do stretching to eliminate muscle tension. I’m 100% focused on my job. »


Work on flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.

Yoga could optimize the performance of athletes who, for the most part, do not go beyond 80% of their possibilities.  Thus, the mental side is also widely taken into account.

Yoga is supposed to help increase endurance and the propensity to make efforts. It releases positive energy that guarantees restful sleep and total recovery between workouts.

As a result, Ludovic Obraniak advocates for psychology and relaxation to be taken more into account in professional clubs “But it is difficult to admit their benefits. It’s a shame because it could only optimize the performance of players who, for the most part, do not go beyond 80% of their possibilities. »

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss it and set up a yoga class program tailored to your needs!

The course can be in solo or in small groups of friends at home/outside or in your club.
These options allow you to target your needs and meet your expectations individually.

See you on your mat soon!